600 hours

In my Karate training, I have reached a milestone. I was recently promoted to Ik Kyu, 1st brown belt after seven years training. Last weekend I went to the dojo to train. While signing my school time card, I saw that I reached 600 hours. I am very proud of both these accomplishments.
My life has seen many developments since beginning training. I have become a father, my mother passed away, Sensei nearly died, I have had and ACL repaired twice. And through all of this, I trained. Even when I could barely walk, when I had only rehab exercises, when I worked night shift for two years, when the temperature was below freezing and when it was triple digits, I still found a way to train.

And I continue to train:
to improve my Karate,
to temper my spirit,
to discipline my mind and sharpen my body,
to be a better man, husband, father,
to touch the world through the expression of this art form.
I continue to train.

Seven years, 600 class hours and 1st Kyu have given me no deep insights into Karate-do. Insights come from commitment, passion, dedication and practice.

Kosho Tree

Kosho Tree


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