Sacred Spiral

spiral movementOur’s is a circular style. Within each movement there is a circle. Somewhere in every technique there is a circle. In Shuri Ryu, as I believe in most Okinawan styles, the hallmark technique is the Seiken Thrust, the Seiken Tsuki, also called the cork screw punch.

The technique is a highly effective and demonstrates of a universal principle.  The fastest way between a start and end is not a straight line, but a spiral or as seen from another point of view, a circle. Consider the Falcon. As the Peregrine Falcon sights its prey from above, it drops into a dive. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the falcon has been clocked at over 200 mph or 322 kph. This is the fasted animal on the planet and it dives toward its prey in a spiral.

The spiral is the most efficient.

Pull the plug on a full tub of water. The fastest way for the water to move is to spiral down the drain.

As the Silver Maple sheds its seed pods, they don’t fall to the ground in a straight line. They grow into a wing shape, catch the wind and fall to the ground in a spiral.

The first organism to ever show movement did not go straight out and back. It moved in a circle.

So the straight line is not efficient in nature. In the world of natural organism, the world that we as humans inhabit. The circle, the sphere and the spiral are the most efficient.

In each and every technique, the is a circle, a spiral. Even in the straight techniques, the joints in the joints in the body behave in a circular fashion. And where there is not, we lack efficient execution. Move with the universe. The ways of the world are written everywhere we look. We are part of nature and we move in a spiral.

universe spiral


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